Who’s William

william imageI am William K. Jacobs, an orthodontist. I have been in practice for 12 years now and still counting. I have been attending conference and seminars pertaining to my field to enhance my knowledge and be able to be effective in doing what I do.

Now, I have come to a conclusion to make a difference in my life, to make a change and have a sense of purpose. I have put up my own dental clinic for years now and have received quite a number of patients whom I have a good personal relationship with. Treating their crooked teeth was an achievement, but giving them new life through their smile is one that is priceless.

With this, I have made an extension of myself through creating this portal, wherein adults and even teenagers suffering from crooked teeth can find refuge and relief that something can be done. The solution is just within their reach if they just go for it.

I am an orthodontist. However, I am also human who shares the same human experience with the rest of mankind. I am going to use whatever I have learned in order to inspire others, move others to do something about their lives.